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  • this is a better code editor than Notepad++ B4X Programming Forum

    The Cancel button will exit the dialog without updating the style settings. The Transparency checkbox will allow you apply transparency to the Style Configurator dialog box. If you want Notepad++ to ask to you save edited files every time you close the file or exit Notepad++, do not enable this option. Along with dark theme, […]

  • Sunsetting Atom

    This is a file that contains manual DNS entries which are mapped to specific IP addresses. Typically this is only edited when you want to preview your DNS before switching over domains to a new host. When a user enters a URL in their web browser, DNS gets to work to connect that URL to […]

  • 8 Best Alternative to Notepad++ for Mac

    When you have resolved your problem with Notepad++, you can simply start it as normal without the command line arguments. If you have created a shortcut that starts Notepad++, you can also modify the shortcut and add the argument after the command in the Target field as shown below. This method is used for the […]