The Complete Guide to buying tissue Boxes and the Science Behind Them!

The science behind a tissue box is the use of a vacuum to suck up the air and create a suction that pulls the tissue out of the box. This suction is created by an air pump that sucks in air and forces it through a narrow opening. The opening creates a high-pressure area to suck up any loose tissues.

This section will provide you with all the information you need to know about tissue boxes and their science! Tissue boxes are a necessity in every household. They are used to wipe away tears, blow noses and dry up wet surfaces. This article will explore the science behind tissue boxes and why they are so important to our everyday lives.

The Complete Guide to Tissue Boxes and the Science Behind Them.

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We are going to find the Best tissue box for you!

A tissue box is a container for tissues, usually made of cardboard or plastic. The tissues are typically stored in the box with the foldable sheets of tissue paper folded into individual packets and stacked inside. The box may also contain one or more scents to mask unpleasant odors.

Tissues can be used in a variety of ways, including blowing one’s nose, wiping away tears, wiping off one’s mouth after vomiting, cleaning up spills from a baby’s bottle or pacifier, and as an emergency substitute for toilet paper when there is no other way to get clean.

The best tissue boxes are ones that have a lot of issues that don’t fall out easily when you open them up. They should also have some kind of scent to help mask any unpleasant smells.

List of our top 4 picks for the Best tissue box:

If you are looking for the best tissue box to buy, then this list is for you. We have compiled a list of the top 4 tissue boxes that we feel would be the best for your needs.

This list is in no particular order and all four of these tissue box are great options.

The list of the best tissue boxes is subjective and based on our own opinion. However, we do believe that these four brands are some of the best in the market.

1. Kleenex Premium Facial Tissue

Kleenex Professional Facial Tissue for Business (03076), Flat Tissue Boxes, 12 Boxes / Convenience Case, 125 Tissues / Box, 1,500 Tissues / Case
  • 12 boxes of 125 tissues per case (1,500 sheets total); Each white Kleenex tissue is 8.3" x 7.8", 2-ply, absorbent, soft and strong
  • Kleenex is the world's number one facial tissue brand, trusted by more consumers than any other
  • Kleenex brand facial tissues have an 80 year history of excellence and high performance
  • The Signal Sheet keeps you ahead of run-outs (final 10 tissues are cream instead of white, so you'll know it's time to replace the box)
  • These bulk tissues are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified

Kleenex is a popular brand of the tissue box. They are known for their softness and their ability to absorb liquid quickly. Kleenex tissues are sold in many different sizes, shapes, and designs.

The Kleenex Premium Facial Tissue, White is a product that has been designed to meet the needs of those who have allergies and sensitivities with regards to the ingredients in their tissue products. The Kleenex Premium Facial Tissue, White is made with 100% recycled paperboard and contains no bleach, chlorine or dyes that can irritate sensitive skin or trigger allergies.


Brand Kleenex
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.12 x 9.75 x 8.75 inches
Item Weight0.06 Pounds
Sheet Count1500

Customer’s feedback:

A customer’s feedback is one of the most important things for a company. It can be an opportunity to make improvements and do better in the future.

A tissue box is a small object that every household has at least one of. A customer’s feedback about this object may be about how it looks, feels, or how it performs.

2. Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong

Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissues,70 Count 8.2 x 8.4in pack of 6
  • Contains 6 boxes with 70 Kleenex Ultra Soft* tissues per pack
  • The softest ultra tissue* (among national brands)
  • Compact facial tissue box for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices and more
  • Facial tissue flat box in a variety of colors and designs (may vary from image shown)
  • Buy tissues in bulk & save up to 15% with Subscribe & Save - keep tissues available for family, guests and yourself

Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong, White is a strong and soft tissue that is perfect for all occasions. It is a perfect tissue for the whole family to use.

Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong, White tissues are made with the finest cotton fibers to provide you with the best quality of tissues available on the market today. The tissues are ultra-soft and strong, so they will not irritate your nose or eyes as you blow your nose.

Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong, White is a tissue that is made for people with sensitive noses. It has an allergen-free formula and has the lowest price point of Kleenex products.


Brand Kleenex
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.75 x 8.88 x 13.69 inches
Item Weight2.3 Pounds
Sheet Count70

Customer’s feedback:

Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong, White is a product that has been well received by customers. The feedback on this product has been mainly positive. One customer said that Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong, White is “the best tissue ever”. Another said that it was “the only tissue I use now” and they were “very happy with the quality and quantity of the tissues”.

This section will focus on how this product compares to other similar products on the market and how it stacks up against the competition.

3. Puffs Extra Soft Facial Tissues

Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues-124 ct, 3pk (Packaging may vary)
  • ultra soft
  • facial tissues
  • paper & plastic supplies
  • soft

Puffs Extra Soft Facial Tissues are made of three layers of soft tissue. The two outer layers are made of a soft and gentle material that is designed to be gentle on your skin. The inner layer is a layer that is designed to absorb liquid quickly and easily.

The Puffs Extra Soft Facial Tissues box comes in three different sizes: a small, medium, and a large box. The small box size has 80 tissues, the medium has 160 tissues, and the large has 240 tissues.

Puffs Extra Soft Facial Tissues are available in two different scents: Unscented or White Aloe & Witch Hazel scent.


Brand Puffs
Item Weight1.72 Pounds
Sheet Count372

Customer’s feedback:

Puffs Extra Soft Facial Tissues, White is a product that is loved by many customers. They say that it has the right amount of softness and thickness. It also absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind any residue.

Some customers have complained about the price, saying that it is too expensive for what it offers. The tissue also tears easily which can be a nuisance when you are trying to blow your nose.

4. Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues

Puffs Plus Lotion 2-Ply Facial Tissues, White, 56 Sheets Per Box, Pack of 4 Boxes
  • Soothe your runny nose with 1 of these 2-ply tissues. The air-fluffed pillows provide a soft feel, and the Puffs facial tissues contain lotion with shea butter, aloe and vitamin E to help prevent irritation.
  • Tissues contain lotion with a touch of shea butter, aloe and vitamin E for a soothing, healing sensation.
  • Air-fluffed for added cushioning and thickness.
  • Plus Lotion tissues (2 ply) come with 56 sheets per box. Facial tissues in white are available in a pack of 4 boxes.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues are faceless tissue that is designed to be used in place of facial tissues, and they come in a variety of scents.

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues are available in scents such as apple cinnamon, baby powder, and lavender. They also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from two-ply to four-ply.

The packaging for Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues is simple and clean. The front of the box displays the product’s name and the back contains information about what type of tissue it is (in this case, it’s a faceless facial tissue).


Brand Puffs
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.3 x 9 x 10 inches
Item Weight20.8 Ounces
Sheet Count56
Customer’s feedback:

The Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, White are the best tissue for me. I have been using them for a few years now and I feel like they are the only ones that can get all of my makeup off.

I use these tissues every day. They are so soft and gentle. And they smell so nice too!

They don’t break apart when you use them, which is great because it means you can get all of the makeup out without it getting all over your hands too.

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